Trade Offers


DEAR SIR, GREETINGS FOR THE DAY As the purpose of this correspondence is to briefly introduce our company , BASED ON YOUR ENQUIRY PLACED ON as above This is further to our INTRODUCTION We are m/s Ganesha's , Ahmadabad, Gujarat-state, India. We are a company that takes on several outsourcing projects, Like all accessories related to boilers for Refractory materials supply and job work for the same. We have an experience of 15 years in the field of Boilers .As a company we offer services that are of the highest standards and at extremely comp rates. In today's customer service oriented society. Also adding to our profile we are into manufacturing and supply of boiler refractory products/ material since 2007 and are biggest exporters in various Thermal power plants industries across world. Our biggest exports are to U.S.A, Thailand, Senegal, south Africa, Korea, Madagascar, Malawi etc. OUR PRODUCT RANGE: 1. Conventional Castables & mortars ( High Purity & Medium Purity) Whytheat A, K , C Firecrete Normal, Special, Super Accoset 50 N, Accoset 50 F, Thermotex high temp mortar 2. Low Cement castables Accmon 45, 60, 70, 80, 90 3. Insulating Castables Insulyte 11, Insulyte 7, Insulyte 9, Insulyte 13, Insulyte 15 4. Conventional Dense Refractory bricks 30 % Alumina brick 40% Alumina Bricks 50% Alumina Bricks 60% Alumina Bricks 70% Alumina Bricks 80% Alumina Bricks 5. Insulation bricks Cold Face, Hot Face Insulation Bricks, Hot face kyanite insulation bricks upto 1300 Deg C applications 6. Acid resistant bricks/components, Membranes, Acid resistant cements, Construction chemicals Class 1 AR tiles and bricks 38mm and 75mm th IS 4457 vitrified AR tiles with 0% water absorption , 20mm & 25mm th Primer, mastics, Pot. Silicate cement, Corocem cements, Furane based cements Shrinkkomp grouts Sh20, Sh30, Sh40 7. Silicon Carbide Refractories, Clay bonded & Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractories 8) crushed refractory boiler bed material 9) silica/ ceramic boiler bed material for boilers. WE HAVE ATTACHED THE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE MATERIALS WE MANUFACTURE. YOU MAY PLEASE SPECIFY THE ITEM YOU REQUIRE. We specialize in heat audit, which has helped industries for revamping and modernization of existing systems to save time and energy, which are the most valuable resources of a company. We are keen to extend our services to you and feel obliged if you would register our name in Your approved list of vendors. Further we would be glad to receive your enquires of specific requirements to enable us to submit best of our offers. Assuring you best of our services at all times