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First, The working principle of bag filter

Dust-contained gas will enter into the upper wind path by ash hopper. In the wind screen board action of air flow up, reduce the flow velocity,

the part of the big particle inertia force due to the role of dust be separated into ash hopper. Dust-contained gas into the filter bag in the filtration purification, dust is resistance in the outer surface of the filter bag, purified air filter into the case on the opening, the discharge outlet. As the filter bag dust surface increases, and filter import and export with differential pressure rise. When the dust catcher resistance to the setting data, a control system out dust instructions, clear grey system began to work. First, electromagnetic valve opened immediately after receive the signal. It makes little patch of the gas chamber of the compressed air emissions. Because small diaphragm on both ends of the force change, make be small diaphragm closed exhaust passage open, big diaphragm upper air chamber of the compressed air which channel eduction, big diaphragm ends stress change, make big diaphragm action. It will be closed the output open, air bags of compressed air through the output control and spray wind

Pulse valve is a key components of pulse bag filter. Its service life is the user of the concerns of problems. Our company can provide according to the user's demand to provide the filter bag and pulse valve.

Second, deashing dust bag filter in comparison

Clear dust way is decided to bag filter performance of an important factor. To clear dust for the bag filter classification, basic type mainly has: mechanical rapping way, the back blowing out dust way, counter blowing and vibration play united way, pulse out dust counter blowing out dust way, pulse injection way out dust. Low pressure pulse bag filter belong to pulse injection dedusting way.

Three Bag dust extractions technical characteristics

(1) To adopt rapidly opened submerged type pulse valve, and their own small resistance, you can obtain good out dust effect, to 6 m ~ 8 meters long filter bag, injection pressure is only 0.15 ~ 0.3 MPa.

(2) Strong out dust ability. It is a very good clear dust equably, good effect, when the out dust  filter bag surface of the acceleration is far greater than for other types of bag filter,.

(3) Filter high load. Because the ashes of the deashing have strong security, its resistance also can be not too high even the filter in the high wind at filtering operation, generally for 1200 ~ 1500 Pa. Reverse jet compared with dust, pulse bag filter have greater processing air volume the same filtering area.

(4) The convenient of check and change the filter bag. The installation of the filter bag and change bag is convenient, do not need binding. The operating personnel no need to access to the internal, operating environment is good.

(5) Equipment low cost. Due to the high load filter, dealing with similar smoke gas filter area is less than needed to reverse jet bag filter, and equipment is compact, cover an area of an area small.

(6)The advanced control technology. PLC programmable controller is the control system for the host. It is good for filter out dust, smoke temperature, import out dust pressure operation parameters for real-time control, the function is all ready, stable and reliable.

Four, Technical performance

Low pressure pulse bag filter technology performance mainly reflects in processing air volume, export dust concentration of, equipment resistance and service life of the filter bag, etc.

(1) Air volume
Low pressure pulse bag filter can deal with larger air volume of dust and reduce filtering area. It makes the equipment miniaturized, and save investment. In the meet the dust object, it can determine appropriate filtering wind speed according to the ash, dust way nature, the filter bag materials, etcs.

(2) dust concentration of output
Low pressure pulse bag filter has high dust removal efficiency, dust concentration of output fully meet the regulations of the state emissions standards, even it can be below up to 10 mg/m3.

(3) The equipment resistance
The resistance of the filter Δ P, it is the fan proportional to the power. This is a direct relationship index of fan energy consumption. It involves the dust removal system operation cost of the problem. The resistance of the filter is connected with the device structure, filter material type, dust, the ash way, nature gas filter wind speed, temperature, humidity, and many other factors, etc.

Low pressure pulse bag filter dust will be control at resistance of 1200 ~ 1500 Pa range. Ensure that the filter cloth from rapidly and evenly to clear out the dust deposition, and no damage to the filter bag and consume less power.

Filter by three part of the resistance of Δ P = Δ P 1 + Δ P 2 + Δ P 3

Among them: Δ P 1--mechanical resistance

Δ P 2-the resistance of the filter cloth

Δ P 3--layers of dust resistance

(4) the service life of the filter bag

The life of the filter bag is connected with material, the flue gas temperature, composition, acid dew point, dust properties related to, such factors, but also by filtering wind speed, entrance dust concentration, the clear dust frequency and the influence of the management and maintenance. So for a dust removal equipment, We ensure the filter bag service life, it is due to the right filter wind speed choosing and the filter bag material, and other important parameters way out dust, etc.