AFBC AND CFBC boiler-bed-material

Product Details :


Refractory Bed Material of Low Ferric High Temperature Super Quality is made out of high quality and super heat duty refractory aggregates of high alumina contents & dense texture. This very special Bed Material has many special characteristics that made it a perfect material for obtaining smooth and perfect fluidization use in Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers (FBC) and Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers (CFBC).

Special Characteristics:
•Fully Screened Material Free From Fine Particles
•Fully Resistant Against Clinker Formation
•Perfect Product For Obtaining Fluidized Action
•Accurate Particle Size Distribution
•Exceptional Chemical Purity
•High, I.D.T.( Initial Deformation Temperature)
•Low Alkali Low Iron Contents
•No Free Iron Particles-Passed Through Iron Separators
• Perfectly Controlled Density

The Product
Refractory Bed Material for FBC and CFBC boilers is a very exclusive refractory product, processed from special refractory aggregates of high chemical purity, dense consistency, high refractoriness, etc., and is apposite to sustain technical properties for fluidization at high temperatures of 12000 C with different fuels, under most critical working conditions.

Research & Development
The Bed Material has been developed is a result of our own constant in-house research and development work and field experience for over 12 years; and also in accordance with the technical support / guidance from time to time extended by the leading manufacturers of FBC and CFBC Boilers like BHEL, TBW & I.B.L. The technical criteria and particle size distribution of the material is predetermined for practicality as well as economy of the product on the basis of technical requirement with specific fuel and boiler design.

Special Characteristics
Refractory Bed Material has many special attributes that makes it a transcendent material for FBC and CFBC Boilers with greater scale of economy.