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Refractory bed material for afbc boilers
our refractory bed material is made out of specially processed high heat duty refractory aggregates of required density. Our bed material has many special characteristics, which make it a perfect material for c.f.b.c. And f.b.c. Boilers for obtaining perfect fluidized action. The material is passed through high power magnetic separators to eliminated free iron particles. The material is processed as per bhel standard; however, the particle size distribution can be given as per specific application.
Special characteristics:
ã¢ï¿½â¢ accurate particle size distribution ã¢ï¿½â¢ exceptional chemical purity ã¢ï¿½â¢ fully screened material through classifiers ã¢ï¿½â¢ high i.d.t. (initial deformation temperature) ã¢ï¿½â¢ no formation clinker ã¢ï¿½â¢ low alkalies ã¢ï¿½â¢ no dust particles ã¢ï¿½â¢ no free iron particles ã¢ï¿½â¢ perfect density
bed material specifications for cfbc boiler
chemical properties
alumina as al2o3
30% - 40%
silica as sio2
alkalies na2o + k2o
less than 3%
iron as fe2o3
less than 3.5%
moisture (h2o)
less than 1%
physical properties
bulk density
1050 - 1100 kgmã�â³
initial deformation temperature
> 1300ã�â° c
particle size distribution
1mm - 2.36mm