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Type Automatic Air Purifier

It Removes cigarette smoke, dust and bacteria from the room air. � It Increases our oxygen intake. � It Promotes immunity and reduces incidences of cold, infections migraine, fatigue and headaches Thus , boosting our capacity for work � It Keeps fruits, flowers and vegetables fresh for much longer than ordinary air. � It Neutralizes odors

Type Remote Switch For Lights

1 This Remote Control System can be used in any House, Office, Restaurants, Shops, Conference & Seminar Halls, and Hospitals Etc. for Controlling ON/OFF of Lights and Fan from a distance of up-to 30 Feet / 10 Mts. 2 Using this Remote one can control the ON/OFF operation of 3 lights and 1 Fan. Even fan speed can be increased or decreased in 10 steps. ADVANTAGES: 1 System saves unnecessary wiring and switches cost of 2 way switching. 2 Spark less and contact less switching in