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Plb Hdpe Coil

Product Details :

XMO PLB HDPE Duct & Micro Duct are manufacured as per norms of G.R.No. TEC/GR/TX/CDS - 008/03 MAR-11 & GR/MDS-01/01 Feb 2010 . It provides housing for fibre optic cable and metal cable, used as basic backbone in communication. TEXMO as a large processor of plastic material in India has introduced PVC, HDPE, Plain, Permanently Lubricated, Ribbed, Tracer & Large diameter ducts for safe placement of cables and future up gradation and replacement of damaged cables. TEXMO provides easy cable insertion and avoid damaging of cables due to its inner surface is very smooth. TEXMO believes in enhancing customer satisfaction and "TEXMO" brand ficilitate for safe placement of cables and future upgradation and easy replacement of damaged cables with a permanent conduit with permanent Lubrication.