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Hair Oil TOB

Product Details :


ADIDEV® HAIR OIL: TOB (With magnetic Power) is the flagship product of Adidev® and a front runner in the treatment of all known hair related problems. This premium quality product is the result of years of experiments and research of Adidev® in identifying and scrutinizing the potencies of herbal ingredients and alcolites and controlling, channelising and spearheading the powers of these herbs into treatment of all hair related problems under a single platform. TOB (TIL OIL BASED) Magnetic hair oil is created with the rare combination of two oldest medicinal sciences, the Indian Ayurveda and the Magnetic Therapy. The complex mix of 39 rich Indian herbs with specified potencies, and their contents further activated by the induction of magnetic charge produces results quick and time bound. Adidev® will always have the glory of this new creation in its own credit forever.

SYMPTOMS: Hair fall, Dandruff (Dry&wet), Pre matured graying of hair, Pre matured Baldness, Dry and un healthy hair, retarded growth of hair, Headaches & Heaviness, insomnia and other broad based scalp’s bacterial and fungal infections.


  • Controls Headache & heaviness in Ten minutes from single application only
  • Deep Sleep: in Thirty minutes from single application only.
  • Stops Hair Fall: in Three Applications only
  • Control and Cures Dandruff: in Ten applications only.
  • Enhance growth of hair and makes hair black, healthy and shiny: in thirty applications only.
  • Restarts hair Growth in premature baldness: From ninety applications only.

APPLICATION: Adidev® Hair oil TOB (With Magnetic Power) is a treatment based product but can also be applied for general application and use. Apply Magnetic hair oil in hair with finger tips and gently massage scalp in circular motion for at least 15 minutes and leave about for Two hours before washing off. If the oil is being used for treatment then the oil should remain in hair for at least 8 to 10 hours. Apply at night and wash off the next day with Adidev® Hair washes only for complete results. This process should be followed daily at least for a week before switching the application to twice or thrice a week.

SIDE EFFECTS: Adidev® Hair oil (With Magnetic Power) is a 100 % natural product with no side effects. This product is completely safe and can be used in all seasons and by all age groups of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children.