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medical surgical instruments

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Surgical instruments can be generally divided into five classes by function. These classes are:

  1. Cutting instruments and dissecting: Scalpels, Scissors, Saws.
  2. Grasping or holding instruments: Smooth [anatomical] and Toothed [surgical] Forceps, Towel Clamps, vascular clamps, and organ holders.
  3. Hemostatic instruments: Billroth’s clamps, hemostatic “mosquito” forceps, atraumatic hemostatic forceps, Deschamp’s needle, Höpfner’s hemostatic forceps.
  4. Retractors:Farabef’s C-shaped laminar hook, blunt-toothed hook, sharp-toothed hook, grooved probe, tamp forceps
  5. tissue unifying instruments and materials: needle holders, surgical needles, staplers, clips, adhesive tapes.
  6. Surgical instruments are specially designed tools that assist health care professionals carry out specific actions during an operation. Most instruments crafted from the early 19th century on are made from durable stainless steel. Some are designed for general use, and others for specific procedures. There are many surgical instruments available for almost any specialization in medicine. There are precision instruments used in microsurgery, ophthalmology and otology. Most surgical instruments can be classified into these 4 basic types: