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When you come to look at rugs in our Huntsville showroom we know you will hear many terms and designs discussed. This glossary serves as a resource for you in your journey to find the perfect rug for you home. Please feel free to contact our rug expert Rick Perkins for any questions you may have.

Rug Designs

These rugs, with patterns less than 25 years old, are marked by a strong Western European influence. They may reflect geometric styling. Modern florals may also be found, as well as abstract art styles or patterns. Colors can be very simple, as in black-on-white, or bold, such as with vivid primary colors.

The small town of Heriz is the center of the weaving areas in Azerbaijan and is one of the most important Persian provenances. Because of the ease of transportation, Heriz carpets are of better quality than those from the mountain villages, which are less accessible. The typical Heriz red and a highly individual medallion are main characteristics. Antique examples, in various blue tones, can be found in trade and at auctions. Brown, beige, and turquoise shades indicate older pieces. Rare Heriz silk carpets have exceptionally fine knots. The designs of older Heriz rugs differ radically from those of new pieces.

Kashan, in Iran, produces velvet, silks and carpets as well as interesting ceramics and metalwork. The huge bazaar and its side stalls are dominated by the carpets woven on the 15,000 looms in the Kashan area, which produce some 100 pieces every day.

Many of the rugs of Khorasan, particularly those of the Baluch and related tribes, are influenced by the designs and ornaments of the Turkoman tribes. These tribes led a nomadic and semi-nomadic existence in Khorasan, as well as to the north and to the east, in Afghanistan. The rugs of southern Khorasan, in the area bordering Baluchistan, are mainly attributable to the Baluchi.

The best and most beautiful Saruqs come from Arak. Not only the name but also the town of Saruq, approximately 50 km north of Arak, has great significance for the carpet market. After a brief period during which the quality dropped, exceptional carpets are being exported all over the world, especially to Europe and America. The importance of Saruq as a carpet center developed during the 19th century. There is no information about carpet weaving in the town in earlier periods.