Flexible Rubber Magnet Tape

Product Details :

MAGNETIC STRIPPING WITH INDOOR ADHESIVE: 3+ Magi Mags Tape, the latest and amazing product, is the multi-purpose magnetic tape have indoor adhesive on one side and the magnetic on the other. The magnetic tape with abundant visual color. There is Magnetic on one side and adhesive on the other. No need to use any cutting tools to cut down the tape, Simply tear 2 pieces of tape, one piece the sticky side paste on the wall and the other one paste on the backside of the object. Make sure the magnetic side of the 2 pieces are faced to each other. The tape can paste on various kind of materials, such as glass, wooden or non-iron. 3+ Magi Mags is a very convenience accessory and a decoration tool for office, classroom, home and shop. Furthermore, the compact roll-up design is easy for store. For more information, please visit: http://www.magimags.com