Fish Meat Bone Separator

Product Details :

Fish Meat & Bone Separator is a durable equipment with its high quality, good appearance and easy operation, it is also called bone Separator, which ealily separtes raw fish or meat from bones in order to save manpower. Model HP Capacity/Hr Packing Size (L x W x H) K.W / G.W (kg) Use Material TC-600 3 300 Kgs 121 x 109 x 143cm 500 / 560 Stainless steel, Cast-Iron TC-6100 10 1,000 Kgs 151 x 139 x 170cm 800 / 880 Stainless steel, Cast-Iron 1. Durable. 2. Precise yield adjustment. 3. Convenient to operate. 4. Hygienic. 5. Economic For more information and video, please visit: