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Fluid Bed Dryer

Product Details :

SALIENT FEATURES : Design confirming to latest cGMP norms. Filter Bag fitting by inflatable silicon rubber tube. Pneumatically operated gasket for lifting and sealing of product container. Filteration syustem comprising of 20 micron washable filter followed by 5 micron prefilter finally air is passed through 0.3 micron HAPA filter. Stainless steel backward curved centrifugal blower. Integrated retarding chamber cum filter bag housing. Positive earthing arrangement with low voltage relay. Auto pneumatic filter bag shaking with times. Explosion flap duly fitted with aluminium meterial. On-line sampling device. Silicon rubber gasket bwtweenproduct container and retarding chamber. Auto temp, controller for steam rediator/Electrical Coil. Damper at inlet and outlet air flow. PLC for automation with keyboard, display unit. Single piece construction with modular type desing. All the contact parts will be manufactured from stainless steel 316 304. Inspection glass window for process visulization. Bowl inter locking mechanism for product and process safety. SAFETY FEATURES : Machine can\\\'t be started without safe earthing. Explosion flap ensure that there no damage to the person operating the machine if there is an explosion inside caused by mixture of air an dust. Blower stops it the air pressure in filter bag locking gasket drops below the set value. Blower can\\\'t be started unless the container is properly positioned.